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Timing Belt | Alma Tire Service

Timing Belt Replacement in Alma and Mount Pleasant, MI

Alma Tire Service is the best option for when you are looking for a timing chain or timing belt replacement. We employ a team of professional and experienced technicians, who are committed to the highest standard of customer care and providing high-quality services and repairs.

When To Replace Timing Belt or Chain?

At some point during the lifetime of your car, you will have to change the timing belt. The majority of vehicles require that their timing belts be replaced at 100,000 miles or somewhere around that number. On the other hand, there are cars that have timing chains instead of a timing belt. These timing chains may be tougher than a timing belt but can still stretch or break. The owner's manual for your car will tell you when the timing belt should be changed. A lot of vehicles rely on complicated internal systems that must work in perfect synchronicity and when the timing belt breaks, the internal parts of the engine are destroyed and thrown into disorder. This happens so fast that you won't even get a warning. Some experts in the auto repair industry have named it a "grenade." The engine breaking apart on the inside results in the need to either rebuild the engine, buy a new engine or a new car all of which are tremendously expensive and time-consuming. Whereas, a new timing belt is much cheaper and easier to install.

While You’re At It…

When you are having your timing belt replaced it is a good idea to ask the technician to also check the condition of the water pump, this is because the water pump also relies on the timing belt to operate. It's much easier to replace your water pump while you are having the timing belt replaced as the repair process is almost identical for both parts. This is not true for all vehicle makes and models on the market, but for the majority of them.

At Alma Tire Service, our certified technicians have replaced more timing chains, timing belts and water pumps than we can even remember. If your vehicle needs a new timing belt, water pump or timing chain, give us a call today or visit us at 1210 East Superior St., Alma, MI, 48801 to schedule an appointment in Alma! For Mount Pleasant, please feel free to contact us by phone or visit us at 120 South Fancher St., Mount Pleasant, MI, 48858 to schedule an appointment.

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