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What Is Car Battery Corrosion?

Now that summer is coming to a close, it is a good time to inspect your battery. Your vehicle has endured months of heat and labor this past summer, which makes it susceptible to failure. And one of the most common causes we see at Alma Tire Service is battery corrosion.


Corrosion on your car battery can indicate normal wear and tear as the battery ages, but it can grow more severe with high temperatures in the summertime. While small amounts of corrosion can be minor and easily cleaned, large build-ups can signal a serious problem.


What Causes Battery Corrosion?

The sulfuric compound inside car batteries discharges hydrogen gas, which can be confined under the hood of your car. Corrosion commonly takes place on the terminals of the battery. Small leaks or loose connections on the battery can also result in battery decay. 


Warning Signs

When corrosion occurs, you’ll visibly see a white, green, or blue substance forming around the terminals. A small amount of the material is an easy clean-up. However, if too much of it is created, it can interfere with moving the charge from the battery to the engine. The electrical charge inside the battery needs to be transported to the engine to keep your vehicle running. You’ll see a loss of power and may even require a jump start to get your vehicle moving.


The most problematic result of a corroded car battery is not being able to start your car. But even if you’re content with frequent jump starts, minor problems like corrosion can manifest into other problems. 


What Should You Do?

If you see corrosion on your battery terminals, please take the time to have it cleaned off ASAP. You can clean battery terminals at home with a baking soda solution. However, if you need further assistance feel free to bring your vehicle into our shop. Our ASE-certified technicians can remove the corrosion and give your battery a thorough inspection to see if any other parts are infected. Give Alma Tire Service a call or visit today!


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